Fruit filling additives

Fruit filling additives

Wish to produce fruit filling with following parameters:

– to be spreadable,
– to be thermostable at 180 – 220 ºC
– to be applied on top or inside pastry,
– to have 30 – 75% dry matter…     

Additives for whipped and ice cream

Additives for whipped and ice cream

Are you a whipped or ice cream producer that uses a topping base and are not satisfied with the quality of your products? Try out our additives and you can be assured of vast improvements.                                                                  

Potato Starch

Potato Starch

Potato starch and starches of other origins are not the same. In the same vain, there are differences among potato starches. Difference is even bigger when instant potato starches is about…


Laboratory  and  industrial trials

Regardless if you are launching a new project or only wish to improve on an existing one, allow us to do laboratory trials for you. We invite you to do this in our lab, in yours, in your facility, or to be done in laboratory of our principals…   
We shall present appliance of our additives upon recommended recipes or upon any of yours.

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Macaroni, Breakfast cerealies, Pastas, Chips, Toffi, Noodles, Snacks, Flat breads, Bars, Bruschette, Toasts, Crisps, Pet foods and many others by using our starches…

Additives for thermostable choco filling

Regardless you are launching production of thermostable choco filling or wish to improve existing one, we shall help you to apply the best stabilizers and thickening agents for manufacture. Thermostable filling consist of different cacao powder content, and it could be produced in device with added water or in ball mill without added water.
Thermostable choco filling with perfect texture and spreadability is a great product for you to offer to the bakery industry.


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